If we were being watched by aliens, what would they see?

telescMODERN CAVEMN 2What if our planet is being watched? Perhaps an alien race with far superior technology is watching our planet from afar. After all, in our minds, the aliens that we normally think of have technology far superior to ours. We already have the capability to look into deep space. Our telescope technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate. We are able to observe and speculate with some degree of accuracy on planets trillions of miles away. We can see so far away that we measure the distances in light years. So wouldn’t it be feasible to assume that if these advanced species of alien exist, that they could look at us from even farther away than we are capable of seeing.

Suppose they have the ability to see our planet from millions upon millions of light years away. Suppose they could view our planet in striking detail, right down to the blades of grass. What would they see? Well, that would largely depend on how far away they were. It would be safe to say however, that they would be looking at our past. What we see in deep space has taken place a long time ago. The farther away, the farther back in time we are looking. The aliens watching us would be capable of witnessing our history as we never could. They could actually see it happening. Perhaps they could even tell us who shot Kennedy or what happened to Atlantis.


Now, stand with your arms outstretched from your sides. Imagine this as a timeline of Earth; from finger tip to finger tip; starting with the Earth’s creation approximately 4.5 billion years ago to the present. The first quarter of the timeline (approx. fingertip to elbow) would be occupied by the heating and cooling of the Earth followed by the development of life; single cell organisms. At about the halfway point you have complex organisms such as bacteria then plantlife. Now look at your fingernail. That is the amount of time the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Not long, considering the age of the earth. Now look at the tip of your fingernail; the part that is normally trimmed. That would represent the extent of human existence on our planet. Everything human from the cave dwelling Neanderthals to the current state of human existence.

Now, once again imagine an alien race with their super high powered telescope watching our planet. What would they see? Would they see an advanced civilization of human beings building infrared microscopes, sending robotic rovers to Mars, and sending satellites to explore the moons of Jupiter? Or would they be looking at a super-heated molten planet incapable of supporting human life? If they weren’t too far away, they might be able to tell us what happened to Jimmy Hoffa or the Lindberg baby. However, I would say the odds of the aliens seeing any kind of modern man would be highly unlikely, considering the almost microscopic slice of time along the Earth’s timeline occupied by modern man.

From 800,000 light years away, they might witness early man fashioning crude tools made of stone lashed to tree limbs. The advancement of humankind has happened so rapidly that it is hard to put into perspective. Just because something has a brain and exists for hundreds of thousands of years, is no guarantee of technical advancement. Dinosaurs had brains and were around a lot longer than humans, but they never developed a particle accelerator. Look at all the other existing species of animal that have been on the planet a lot longer than humans. Are storks cryogenically freezing their heads so they can one day grow new bodies for them? Can a porpoise clone a sheep? Not yet. Why not? These animals have been around longer than humans. Why aren’t they as technologically advanced as humans? Opposable thumbs?

Let’s get back to the technologically advanced aliens. Suppose these superior beings decided they wanted to take over our planet. Let’s say they had been watching us for centuries and decided they could really use our over abundance of natural resources. So they hopped in their alien spaceship with fully functioning warp drive and zipped on over to our planet. They would have no way of knowing what they were in for. Even if they were only 203 light years away they might be have been watching the war of 1812. They would be looking for ships with canons and muskets with bayonets; the most advanced weaponry of their time. What if they were only 100 light years away? They might see machine guns, mortars, or even bi-planes. Perhaps they would witness some early forms of chemical warfare. The first atom bomb was less than 70 years ago. When Fat Boy was dropped on Nagasaki, there were still people alive that witnessed the pony express. I am just trying to put some things in perspective.

At one time the world seemed as big as our solar system seems to us now. We now have a satellite that has broken the boundaries of our solar system. The advancement of satellites and telescopes has already shrunk our universe much the way the telegraph and steam engines shrunk our world in the mid-eighteen hundreds, much like ships shrunk the expanse of our ocean boundaries before that. Now hold your arms out once again to represent the timeline of earth. Now once again look at the tip of your fingernail. That is the advancement of the human race. Don’t blink you might miss it.

What do you think of when you think about the progress of the human race?


Am I a writer?

Am I a writer? Well, that depends – What is a writer? One who writes? If that is a writer then yes, I am. Let’s check with Webster: Someone whose work is to write books, poems, stories, etc… Hmm….like a professional? Then, no. But wait there is a second definition: Someone who has written something. Then yes, I am. But wait, that would include anybody that has ever written anything at all, including four year olds that just learned to write their names.

Are you a writer? What have you written? A poem, a short story? A novel? All the above? I have written all of these things and then some. As a matter of fact, I have written two complete novels and a whole slew of short stories. Yet the question remains – Am I a writer? Do I make my living from writing? Is that required to be considered a writer? Think of all the famous writers who barely made a dime from their work while they were alive. Were they writers? Of course they were.

The truth is, I don’t know at what point I would feel comfortable calling myself a writer. I may have to reach some level of success or more likely a level of proficiency as a writer. I still have much to learn. However, I do enjoy writing. Therefore, I will most likely continue writing and continue learning about good writing.

My new hobby: Writing

I have a new hobby; writing. It started almost by accident. I had a really cool experience traveling across Mexico with three friends in the mid 80’s. It was a six week Mexican adventure that I one day decided to write about. It was a very poorly written, yet still cool, short story. Then a few years later an idea came to me for another story. It rattled around in my brain for quite awhile before I decided to start writing it. I really enjoyed the process. It was a complete novel that turned out to be a very poorly written,yet still cool, story. I recently finished my second novel that was based on an actual nightmare of mine. It turned out to be a slightly less poorly written cool story. Along the way, I have written numerous short stories and observation articles. I’m still trying to learn and development my own style of writing. Now I’ve decided to open this blog account (at least I think that’s what this is) so I can post some of my writing.